Is Peace Possible?: Atlantic Exchange With Senator George Mitchell

Last night a whole host of Washington’s Mideast policy characters came out to participate in The Atlantic’s third installment of the Atlantic Exchange series and introduction to the smartly designed multimedia presentation on Israel-Palestine’s core issues, “Is Peace Possible?“.

There’s only so much you can cram in to an hour and thirty minutes when talking about decades (or even century, depending on your interpretation) old protracted conflict like this, but emcee and Palestine Note co-publisher Steve Clemons and moderator Jeffrey Goldberg did an outstanding job in making sure the crowd was treated to a well-rounded discussion. Though, depending on who you were following on Twitter, some of Jeffrey Goldberg’s questions were a little too…broad.

In any case, its worth listening to Senator Mitchell’s description of what the US could have done better in brokering the failed 2010 resumption of direct negotations, and why he believes the US is still a legitimate and capable mediator.

Certainly looking forward to the next Atlantic Exchange!

Christa Blackmon is the Senior Editor of Palestine Note. A native of Miami, FL, she came to Washington, D.C. to study at American University's School of International Service where she focused on peacebuilding and conflict resolution in the Arab and Islamic context. She has previously worked with a variety of people and organizations including Dr. Akbar Ahmed, Just Vision, and Americans for Peace Now. Christa is also a volunteer Social Media Editor and contributor to Aslan Media. A self-described Mid-East enthusiast, post-Orientalism constructivist, pro-theist Protestant, she is dedicated to the field of peace studies.

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