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Week in Review, Mar 9th

by M. Hassona, Flickr

Activists counter AIPAC at annual conference, Hamas not getting involved in possible Israel-Iran war, and women celebrated in this week’s top #Palestine stories.

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Does an Israeli war with Iran mean another war with Hezbollah?

Hezbollah graffiti in Beirut

Hezbollah graffiti in Beirut / Omar Chatriwala, Flickr

Nathan Patin - Tensions between Iran and Israel over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program may soon erupt into armed conflict. That is if we are to believe key officials in both the American and Israeli governments who have recently made statements to the effect that a preemptive Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, if it is to happen, will come sooner rather than later.

If the big question this spring whether or not Israel is going to attack Iran, the runner-up has to be how Iran would respond. Opinions are varied, ranging from Iran doing nothing to sparking a regional war. While much is still unknown of Iran’s ballistic missile capabilities, there does seem to be general agreement among experts, and certainly also among Israeli leaders, that casualties would be relatively low and thus not enough of a deterrent for an Israeli strike. But ballistic missiles aren’t the only means by which Iran can retaliate. Israel must also consider a possible barrage of missile attacks from Iranian proxies in Lebanon and Gaza.

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Week in Review, Feb 17th

Love Palestine

Love Palestine / reway2007, Flickr

Love for Palestine on Valentine’s Day, Khader Adnan’s appeal rejected, a tragic bus crash in the West Bank and more in this week’s top #Palestine news stories.

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Why is Alan Dershowitz still talking?

I am constantly perplexed by Alan Dershowitz’s ability to maintain his respectable status in spite of his extensive record of intellectual dishonesty. Despite his history, he’s still being published in major outlets, joining the drumbeat for an attack on Iran, and is taken seriously as the “go-to” guy for so-called “pro-Israel” groups seeking to counter the growing BDS movement. Is he really so brilliant that no one has caught on to his fraudulent “scholarship” yet?

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Week in Review, Feb 10th

Khader Adnan Solidarity Protest

Protest in solidarity with hunger striker Khader Adnan at Ofer prison / activestills, Flickr

Fatah and Hamas finally sign unity government agreement, hunger striker brings greater attention to IDF administrative detention, Hamas’ “waning” relationship with Iran and more this week’s top #Palestine stories.

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