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Photo Exhibit: TYO Teachers

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry E. Adams

In honor of Teacher’s Day (May 6) we pay tribute those who are at the heart of TYO’s work – our teachers – both Core Program Teachers and International Interns.

TYO’s teachers have a passion for working with the most disadvantaged children, youth and mothers in Nablus. From teaching soccer to drama, fitness to art, health to IT, TYO’s teachers all have special skills they enjoy sharing with the people of Nablus!

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November Photo Exhibit: The Women’s Group

Women are an extremely important and crucial part of societies and families. As such, TYO began the Women’s Group in the fall of 2011 in order to further the efforts to empower women and mothers. TYO offers them many classes including subjects such as health, parenting, IT, aerobics and English. Not only do women personally benefit from these classes, but by supporting mothers, their children do as well.

“If you educate a man you educate one person; if you educate a woman you educate and liberate a nation”

– Malcolm X

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September Photo Exhibit: Mentor, Mentee

Back to school season is finally here! The children at TYO’s Nablus center are looking forward to seeing their friends and teachers again.

One of the most important relationships formed at TYO is that of the mentor and mentee. Sometimes, the mentor is an adult but sometimes, the mentor can be a child or a fellow peer. No matter who the mentor, having a safe space and a friend in your classroom is crucial.

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August Photo Exhibit: Child Labor


August, and the last weeks of summer, are finally upon us. While many of us may be looking toward the beginning of a new school year, too many children in Palestine have had to give up school in order to help their families make ends meet.

Child labor is a problem that plagues the Middle East. And Nablus is no exception. This series captures the lives of children in Nablus who must forgo schooling in order to work and support their families. Photos of homes, schools, and workplaces have displayed the harmful relationship between child labor and education. Students are spending all of their free time working instead of studying, or spending no time in school at all.

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People for Palestine: Mohamed and Jamila


It’s time for our second episode of our new monthly video series People for Palestine profiling authors, filmmakers, journalists, activists, academics and others dedicated to freedom for Palestinians from all over the world!

This month, we introduce you to two bright young volunteers at Tomorrow’s Youth Organization Center in Nablus, Mohamed Abulkibash and Jamila Hanani. As English language and literature students, Mohamed and Jamila lend their translation skills to TYO’s classrooms and are active in encouraging Palestinian youth to be involved in their communities as a path to empowerment.

We caught up with them back in March when they arrived in Washington, D.C. to take part in the Clinton Global Initiatives University Conference. Check out the full video to hear them talk about how Palestinian youth can better their career prospects and their favorite English language authors.