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Arab Revolutions Televised, Tweeted, and Blogged: An AtlanticLIVE Interview With Wadah Khanfar

Live broadcast by Ustream
Tonight, Palestine Note co-publisher and AtlanticLIVE editor-in-chief Steve Clemons will be hosting an exchange with former Director General of Al Jazeera and President of the Sharq Forum. I’ll be heading out to the Atlantic offices in just a few hours, but citizens of the internet can also watch the event live in the above video at 5:30 pm EST. And if you’re feeling particularly chatty, don’t forget to tweet your reactions to @PalestineNote and use the hashtag #AtlX.

Hope to “see” you there!

The Jab’a Accident and the Infrastructure of Occupation

Roads and barriers in the West Bank

Roads and barriers in the West Bank / michael.loadenthal, Flickr

Yousef Munayyer - When I heard the tragic news last week about an accident involving a school bus near Jab’a that left several young Palestinian school children dead I was devastated by the details and began to think about how scared those children must have been and how difficult life will be for the families of those involved going forward. It is sad and horrifying any time innocent people, especially children, die or get injured.

I remembered taking the school bus on a daily basis here in the States from elementary school all the way through high school. Our buses always stopped at railroad tracks, even when there was no trains in sight or approaching. It was a policy to stop and have the bus driver open the door and look both ways. At the time, it seemed like an over-cautious waste of time to me but I know it reflects the utmost need to protect society’s most valuable assets; it’s children.

So as I continued to listen to the details I went from being sad, to confused and finally, to angry. Something didn’t make much sense to me.

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Week in Review, Feb 17th

Love Palestine

Love Palestine / reway2007, Flickr

Love for Palestine on Valentine’s Day, Khader Adnan’s appeal rejected, a tragic bus crash in the West Bank and more in this week’s top #Palestine news stories.

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R2P Too? Why Syria Is Not Libya in UN Eyes

Foreign Secretary William Hague at the United Nations Security Council meeting on Syria, 31 January 2012

US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague, and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at UN Security Council meeting on Syria / Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Flickr

Mehrunisa Qayyum - “Syria is not Libya,” Ambassador Peter Wittig emphasized as he responded to questions comparing global reactions to NATO intervention in Libya but not Syria. Edward Luck, U.N. Special Advisor on the Responsibility to Protect, echoed back, “Syria is not Libya.”

Syria is not Libya for a variety of reasons. First, Libya has only one-third of Syria’s population and a more homogeneous one. Second, Iran is a key ally of Syria. And third, Syrian politics rests of other sensitive “fault lines,” including the Kurdish issue, Lebanon, and Israel. Even so, the demographic makeup and political alliances should not obviate the flagrant abuse of human rights violations committed by the Assad regime.

Still, can Syria at least learn from Libya’s history of authoritarian leaders, economic sanctions, and a bloody but game-changing revolution?

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Promoting Palestinian Rights For Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day! Whether you choose to celebrate it by caving to mass marketing of consumer products, sharing hilarious anti V-day cards on Facebook, or just enjoying a day that celebrates chocolate, nearly all of us mark the occasion in one way or another. But how can you celebrate Valentine’s Day, or any day for that matter, when you live under a system that is constantly separating you from them? That’s the subject of the Love Under Apartheid project helmed by Palestinian-American graduate student Tania Keilani which has quickly gained a following since its debut on February 13th 3:30pm EST (that’s less than twelve hours before the publishing of this article!).

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